Watch: Little boy salutes security official at Bengaluru Airport, viral video takes Internet by storm

The 29-second viral clip shows the little boy walking with an adult and stopping to look at a CISF personnel to salute him

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a cute little boy can be seen saluting a security official at the Bengaluru airport. The little boy’s heart-warming gesture has taken the Internet by storm.

The wholesome clip was also shared by Union Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar on his Twitter account. Chandrashekhar tweeted with the caption, “At Bengaluru airport- a young Indian salutes our men in uniform. Respect and Patriotism is learnt young.”

Watch the video here –

The 29-second viral clip shows the little boy walking with an adult and stopping to look at a CISF personnel, who was on duty at the spot. The boy stood there, took a pause and then moved towards the vehicle of the security force. He then valorously saluted the security official standing in front of him.

The official replied nobly to the gesture of respect and he also saluted the boy in response. The video has the song Teri Mitti from the film Kesari playing in the background as the child moved near the vehicle and saluted the soldier stationed on it.

This video was initially shared by Twitter user Abhishek Kumar Jha on 24 October. In the caption of the video, Kumar wrote that this proud moment was captured by his friend at the Bengaluru airport. After Kumar shared the clip, a large number of people shared it too and gave positive responses and feedback, expressing their liking.

This clip was widely circulated on Twitter and internet users were impressed by the boy’s act. The clip has garnered over five lakh views till date.

Many users wrote that the the clip brought tears to their eyes and praised the boy’s upbringing.

Other people talked about the importance of patriotism being taught to children, which would inculcate the idea of nation first in them.

Several people talked about the perfect salute that the little boy gave to the security personnel.

Others imagined the emotions the solider must be feeling when he saw the child saluting him.
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