Suriya to Anbumani Ramadoss: Don’t curtail Jai Bhim’s question against oppression by bracketing under ‘name politics’

Suriya has released a statement in response to MP Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, who recently criticized the actor’s recent release Jai Bhim for allegedly portraying the Vanniyar community in a bad light.

Ever since it was released on Amazon Prime Video on November 2, Jai Bhim has become a topic of debate. While it has been predominantly hailed for its stand against oppression and casteism, a few sects have raised red flags against its portrayal of the Vanniyar community.

Recently, Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, Member of Parliament and the president of Pattali Makkal Katchi, released a detailed statement criticising the film. He also set forth nine questions for actor Suriya about the authenticity of the film.

A portrayal of a negative character named Gurumurthy and a shot of the Vanniyar calendar (since replaced using CGI) at his home has led to outrage. Ramadoss questioned why the character was named Gurumurthy when in real life the case was investigated by Anthonydasan.  

Here’s the statement of the politician:


In a response to Anbumani’s question, Suriya has released a statement on Twitter. The actor reiterated that the film is a fictitious portrayal of real-life incidents. He then said that the particular error in the scene has been rectified.

Suriya also added, “I agree with your opinion that no one has the right to insult any community in the guise of creative freedom. Similarly, I believe that you would agree that creative freedom should be protected against all forms of threat.”

He also added, “I kindly request you not to curtail the film’s question against oppression by bracketing under ‘name politics’.”

Here’s Suriya’s statement:

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