Squad Review: Rinzing Denzongpa And Malvika Raaj’s Film Is A Safe Action Story

When the writer-director, the hero and most of the producers are first timers, you make a little leeway like you would for interns learning on the job.

However, Nilesh Zaheeda Sahay has his team under his control right from his choice of the pleasing snow-and-tree landscape of Belarus. It’s a location that can be unforgivingly ruthless too, so it works.

There may be several cinematic sources for Sahay’s thriller but the redemption of a strong, silent commando who’s haunted by a past where he couldn’t save a little girl, makes a conventionally firm premise. Add to it another little girl (Mimi played by Dishita Jain) who must be saved from half-a-dozen ruthless global forces, and the second chance being handed to tall, strong and deep-voiced Bhim (Rinzing Denzongpa) is simple and straightforward.

Its telling is equally uncomplicated with one obvious mole on the Indian side (Mohan Kapur hamming it up as Bhatnagar), a sprinkling of gender superiority (Pooja Batra wearing specs and issuing starchy orders as efficient boss Nandini Rajput) and a female commando (Malvika Raaj as Aria who kicks and punches hard but also falls hard for one-expression Bhim).

The key word is safe.

Malvika Raaj, looking slightly like Urmila Matondkar did in her earlier years, sails through safely. With a bit more care and grooming under professionals, she has what it takes to make a career here.       

Bhim walks through blasts, gun shots and fist fights to keep Mimi safe and earn a good night’s sleep.

It’s a safe action story that Nilesh Sahay chooses for his debut. And his narration doesn’t have the gaucheness or gawkiness of a newcomer.

Choosing an untested and unconventional looking Rinzing Denzongpa is not playing safe. But it is an interesting choice that Sahay has made. Rinzing has the height, the voice and the screen presence to play the strong, silent warrior. Three essentials could put him in a unique niche. One, an intense course in dialogue delivery. Sahay has kept Bhim’s lines to the minimum but confident, well-delivered dialogues give a long run to an actor. Two, Rinzing’s action is well executed but it doesn’t have the magic of say, Tiger Shroff. So developing a special set of action skills, an exercise that requires much toil and time, will present Rinzing with an edge. Lastly, even if it requires cosmetic dentistry, acquiring a sunshine smile would give him a special appeal. Because even strong and silent men melt hearts when they break into a beautiful smile once in a rare while.

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