Regina Hall to star in Robert De Niro’s Midnight Run sequel

Universal Pictures is currently making a sequel to the 1988 buddy action comedy, Midnight Run. While the original starred Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin in the leads, the makers have roped in Regina Hall to star in the sequel.

Even though it is not confirmed that De Niro will be reprising his role as bounty hunter Jack Walsh, reported that the Academy Award winner will be producing the film. 

The sequel, written by Aeysha Carr, was something De Niro wanted to do for a long time but it is just now that things have started moving forward. 

The original Midnight Run sees De Niro play a bounty hunter who pursues a former Mafia accountant (Charles Grodin, who died earlier this year of bone marrow cancer) after he skips bail.

Such was the popularity of the film that Midnight Run inspired three made-for-TV sequels called The Midnight Run Action Pack. However, neither De Niro nor Grodin starred in these projects.

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