Kuwaiti Singer Shams Bandar sparks controversy after marriage proposal tweet to Bill Gates

The 41-year-old singer’s tweet grabbed the attention of several media outlets and social media users

The billionaire has received a public proposal from Kuwaiti actress and singer Shams Bandar Al-Aslami. image courtesy: Reuters/ Twitter

Twitter has once again incited reactions from users on a tweet involving Bill Gates and Kuwaiti Singer Shams Bandar Al-Aslami.

Recently, a Twitter user with the handle @Eyaaaad, shared a screengrab of the British online newspaper Independent’s interview with Bill Gates. The screengrab reads that the founder of the American software company, Microsoft, has warned the world of smallpox terror attacks and he has also sought research funds for the same.

The user shared the screengrab with a caption stating that Bill Gates has warned people of a possible terrorist attack. He further wrote that in order to achieve maximum damage, the virus of smallpox will be used and hence Gates has asked for funds so that the attack can be taken care of.

Kuwaiti singer and actress Shams Bandar Al Aslami shared the post’s screengrab on her official Twitter account. Along with the screenshot, she wrote in Arabic that Bill Gates is a wonderful person and she likes his predictions adding that he is farsighted to know what would happen in the future. She also said that he seemed to be a prophet of the electronic age and proposed marriage to him, asking internet users if Gates will agree to her proposal or not.

Here is Shams Bandar’s tweet:

The 41-year-old singer’s tweet grabbed the attention of several media outlets and social media users. Her tweet also received severe critique and harsh comments from Twitter users, where some of them said that Bandar was a gold digger. Some comments also hinted that the singer found Gates to be a beautiful person only because he was wealthy.

Her tweet sparked controversy amongst the local Arabic media and people began wondering whether Bandar had actually proposed marriage to the billionaire.

After receiving criticism for her tweet, the Kuwaiti singer cleared her stance by tweeting a clarification. She said that people did not have the potential to understand her joke. She went on to slam the local media for misconstruing her tweet and for not understanding the intended sarcasm behind her words.


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