John Cena Surprises His Fans In The Coolest Way

John Cena has recently surprised his fans by appearing in costume as Peacemaker on Saturday at the special edition of Comic-Con in San Diego. The 44-year-old actor portrayed the jingoistic mercenary in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad and will reprise the role in an upcoming TV spin-off series.

John donned a shiny helmet, tight red shorts, tan khaki pants, and blue gloves for his appearance during 2021 Comic-Con: Special Edition at the San Diego Convention Center. Meanwhile, fans left surprised during a costume contest when the pro wrestler appeared in his official Peacemaker costume. However, John delivered a short speech and shared a video of the upcoming show.

The official Instagram of Comic-Con shared the photos and video of the Peacemaker star. The cap[tion reads, “SURPRISE! Peacemaker decided to make an appearance the Comic-Con Special Edition Masquerade!” For unversed, the Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad was part of Task Force X, but his unwavering patriotism clashed with his team members.

However, it was confirmed in September that Peacemaker would have his own spin-off series on HBO Max. The series will explore the origins of the Peacemaker, who believes in achieving peace at any cost, and his missions after the events of The Suicide Squad. However, Peacemaker is the first DC Extended Universe television series.

The Suicide Squad director James Gunn, 55, penned all eight episodes of the spin-off series during the COVID-10 pandemic and also directed five of the episodes. The Peacemaker also stars Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Holland, Freddie Stroma, and Chukwudi Iwuji. Brad Anderson, Jody Hill, and Rosemary Rodriguez also directed an episode each. Peacemaker is scheduled to release on January 13 on HBO Max.

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