Hawaii eases COVID-19 restrictions; all set to welcome fully-vaccinated domestic travelers from 1 Nov

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought several travel restrictions and many countries have put their tourism businesses on hold. However, one of the most popular tourist destinations, Hawaii, has finally announced an easing of coronavirus restrictions and is all set to welcome tourists from 1 November.

The Governor of the State, David Ige, made the announcement on Twitter through a series of tweets. The Governor of State wrote that since the COVID-19 case count continued to be low in the island state, Hawaii is welcoming back fully vaccinated domestic travelers. He also mentioned that since the hospitals are doing better, it gave Hawaii the ability to move forward in economic recovery.

Here is the tweet –  https://twitter.com/GovHawaii/status/1450625206486142981?s=20

The island state will also welcome non-essential, business travelers to the land. In his next tweet, Ige mentioned that they were seeking information from the federal government regarding plans for international travel. He also added that they will have an appropriate plan prior to 8 November.


The Governor concluded his series of tweets by assuring the public that constant monitoring of hospitals is being carried out on the island and the government has prioritized the health and safety of its residents.


Due to a constant rise in COVID-19 cases, Ige had earlier asked travelers who were coming to Hawaii, to delay their trips. However, the island state runs a ‘Safe Travels’ program that was not stopped during the travel restrictions. This program allows domestic visitors to skip quarantine if they have proof of vaccination or being tested negative for COVID-19 .

Travelers who came from the US territories or the mainland and were not vaccinated had to give proof of being tested negative in order to skip the mandatory ten-day quarantine.

Hawaii did ease its travel restrictions earlier this year as well, but the Delta variant of coronavirus had tightened the restrictions once again. Nevertheless, the island state is now prepared to welcome tourists on board.

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