Esha Gupta on unrealistic beauty standards: We’re designed to focus too hard on our flaws

It takes one to start a change. In August, mid-day reported that Vidya Balan has issued a strict no-Photoshop and no-retouching policy for her pictures, thus taking a hard stand against the unrealistic beauty standards of the glamour industry (She doesn’t want to be made slimmer for pictures, Aug 12). Her brave step is creating ripple effects in Bollywood. Recently, during a brand shoot with Esha Gupta, the photographer suggested erasing a few blemishes on her skin, employing Photoshop. However, she took a firm stand against it, insisting that her pictures not be subjected to touch-ups or airbrushing.   
The actor, who was recently seen in the web series, Nakaab, says it is imperative to alter the narrative around beauty. “As women, we have been frequently made to feel insecure about the way we look. The larger conditioning has to slowly change. I don’t think there’s a single woman who stands in front of the mirror and feels she is looking brilliant. We are designed to focus too hard on our flaws. Blemishes are normal; tanning is normal. Natural is beautiful and we have to give women the confidence to do it.” Gupta encourages her peers to make the no-airbrushing a norm, adding, “True change can come only if we are together in this.”

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