Ahmedabad eatery serving brownie topped with paan divides social media; watch viral video here

A video about the dish shows a person putting chocolate sauce on a sizzling platter before placing a cube of brownie on it

The Internet is never short of recipes that combine two or more existing dishes to create a new food item. While some experiments have been successful and have won the appreciation of social media users, many have faced flak, such as this recipe featuring a brownie topped with paan.

A video about the dish shows a person putting chocolate sauce on a sizzling platter before placing a cube of brownie on it. This is followed by adding a scoop of mint ice cream on the brownie and topping the dish with a mitha paan filled with assorted sweets.


The 12-second video clip, which features the bizarre combination has gone viral on social media. The makers of the dish soon revealed themselves, asking people to come in and sample the dish in Ahmedabad’s Carnival Food Park.

Social media users were left divided by the dish, with many labelling it a “crime”.

Some people joked that such dishes are excellent way to get people to diet.


Others sarcastically responded to the clip, commenting that only grated cheese was left out from the dish.

However, some users did want to try out the dish.


This is not the first time that such food combinations have gained popularity on social media. Another strange food combination from Gujarat that went viral recently featured mango ice cream chaat topped with grated cheese.

The dish which was available at an eatery in Vadodara, featured fried bread slices topped with mango ice cream and grated cheese to create a sweet and tangy version of the popular street food dabeli. The video of the dish broke the Internet and garnered mixed reactions. The recipe was panned by social media users, who were disgusted by the combination.

Another viral video featured an eatery in Ahmedabad creating Oreo pakodas, appalling many people on the Internet.
Other bizarre food combinations that have gone viral recently include butter chicken golgappas and Maggi milkshakes.

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